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Do you know any differences between Safari for Intel Mac and for PowerPC?
Just two lines of JavaScript code below crashes Safari for Intel Mac.
But Safari for PowerPC and other browsers are never crased.

    var parser = new DOMParser();
    parser.async = false;

After Safari's crashed, you'll see:

Try to crash it!

You can try to crash your Safari when you are using Intel Mac! B-)

this button works on Safari for Intel Mac.

this button works as well.

this button crashes Safari for Intel Mac.

* You are using

DOM Level 3 Specification

I don't think that Safari is definitely wrong. See DOM Level 3's document:

    Objects that implement the DOMParser interface:
        Properties of objects that implement the DOMParser interface:
                This read-only property is a Boolean.

However, it's too violent behavior of Safari to make itself crashed, isn't it?

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