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Name Archive Version Platform
BMP Saver bmps111.lzh Ver.1.11 MSX-DOS
AR-DEBUG debug041.lzh Ver.0.41 MSX-DOS
DISKCOPY diskcopy.lzh - BASIC (MSX2 or later)
E-Mu-Ga-Me kame103.lzh Ver.1.03 BASIC (MSX2 or later)
E-Mu-Ga-Me for fMSX kame103f.lzh fMSX

BMP Saver Ver.1.11 "BMPS.COM"
Download (7KB)
BMPS.COM coverts MSX's BLOAD formated graphic file to Windows BMP formated file.
SCREEN 5 (256*212*16), SCREEN 7 (512*212*16), SCREEN 8 (256*212*256), SCREEN 10/11 (256*212*12499), SCREEN 12 (256*212*19268) and SCREEN 7 interraced (512*424*16) formats are available. True color mode (in MSX2+ or later) is supported.


Debugger Ver.0.41 Alpha "DEBUG.COM"
Download (23KB)
DEBUG.COM is debugger for MSX-DOS, extended MSX's special features from DEBUG.EXE on IBM PC-DOS/V. Almost commands' usage are same on each debugger. DEBUG.EXE is still available in Windows95. It would be found in C:\Windows\Command\Debug.exe.
Unfortunitelly, the program is not completed. Some commands, like Assemble command, is not supported on this version. MemoryDump command and Unassemble command are however available. So this would be in use, I think. : )


Disk Dupulicator "DISKCOPY.BAS"
Download (2KB)
DISKCOPY.BAS is FD copying tool for MSX-DOS(1) Machine that have only one drive. This tool is faster than normal methods for disk duplicating, as using VRAM for buffer memory, and using sector copy (no loading FAT). This is made with main BASIC program and tiny Z80 machine language program.


E-Mu-Ga-Me Ver.1.03 "KAME.BAS"
Download (34KB)
E-MU-GA-ME is simple puzzle game. And has very nice displaying, always SCREEN 7 interraced. 128KB of VRAM is filled by beautiful graphics.
The program was wrote with BASIC only. I tried not to use any machine language. You can find many VDP functions in the source of this strange program. ;-)


E-Mu-Ga-Me Ver.1.03 for fMSX "KAME103F.DSK"
Download (105KB)
This special vertion of E-MU-GA-ME would be convenience on fMSX as the archive is already fMSX's disk image style.


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